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WORKSHOP 16.05.2024 Minimally Invasive Pelvic Surgery STEP BY STEP PROCEDURES INFORMATION SURGEONS INFORMATION ONSITE INFORMATION ONLINE INFORMATION International Centre of Minimally Invasive Pelvic Surgery The Gynecologic and Obstetrical University Hospital of the Karol Marcinkowski Poznan - Poland LIVE-STREAMING

PROCEDURES The 8 surgical procedures will include: Laparoscopic mesh implantation using Dubuisson method Laparoscopic hysteropexy Laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy Laparoscopic pectopexy Transvaginal mesh implantation procedures to reconstruct the pelvic floor with the use of synthetic material and Self-Retaining-Support (SRS) Technology for Pelvic Organ Prolapse     

Jörg Neymeyer MD | PhD Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin in Germany Gil Levy MD | PhD Bnei Brak Hospital in Israel Burghard Abendstein MD | PhD Landeskrankenhaus in Austria Andrzej Kuszka MD | PhD Hospital zum Heiligen Geiste Frankfurt in Germany Heimo Magg MD | PhD Zuger Kantonsspital in Switzerland Prof. Paweł Szymanowski Special Guest & Operator from Cracow in Poland SURGEONS These surgeons will share their experience in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery: Prof. Maciej Wilczak Organizer & Host of this hybrid event from Poznań in Poland Prof. Sven Becker MD | PhD University Hospital Frankfurt in Germany Prof. Gunter Noe MD | PhD Universty Witten/Herdecke Department Ob/Gyn Rheinland Clinics Dormagen in Germany

ONSITE Practical Workshops on Minimally Invasive Pelvic Surgery 16.05.2024 8:00 AM – Beginning of the Live Surgery Gynecological - Obstetrics Hospital University of Medical Science in Poznań Polna Str. 33 | 60-535 Poznań Phone +48 (61) 8419 273 | e-mail: |  REGISTER ONLINE  Please be informed that maximum 8 gynecologists can participate live onsite (depending on the epidemiological situation).  They will actively participate in the surgical procedures directly at the operating table.  During these surgical procedures, details of surgical techniques will be presented step by step. It is our intention to have the workshops dedicated to gynecologists who have already mastered the basic techniques in gynecologic laparoscopy and all colleagues who are planning to use Minimally Invasive Pelvic Surgery techniques in their professional work. We invite you to actively participate in surgeries.

ONLINE All surgeries will be streamed live from the operating rooms 16.05.2024 8:00 AM – Beginning of the Live Surgery Operating Room 1: Operating Room 2: >> ENTER OPERAT I NG ROOM 1 >> ENTER OPERAT I NG ROOM 2 Participation in the Workshops ONLINE are free of charge on the workshop date. LIVE-STREAMING

ORGANIZER Prof. Maciej Wilczak is your host of this event: ” We do hope that both ONLINE format and ACTIVE attendance format will be of interest to you and we as organizers will do our best to ensure the top professional and educational level of Practical Workshops on: MINIMALLY INVASIVE PELVIC SURGERY STEP BY STEP – ONSITE AND ONLINE. “ Kierownik Katedry i Kliniki Zdrowia Matki i Dziecka Uniwersytet Medyczny im.Karola Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu Head of the Department of Mother’s and Child’s Health University of Medical Science in Poznan tel. +48 (61) 8419-618 tel. +48 608-421-606 Koordynator Międzynarodowego Centrum Minimalnie Inwazyjnej Chirurgii Miednicy Mniejszej Ginekologiczno - Położniczy Szpital Kliniczny Uniwersytetu Medycznego im. Karola Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu 60-535 Poznań ul. Polna 33 Coordinator of the International Center for Minimally Invasive Pelvic Surgery Gynecological - Obstetrics Hospital University of Medical Science in Poznan Polna Str. 33 60-535 Poznań Phone +48 (61) 8419 273 e-mail: Prof. dr hab. med. Maciej Wilczak

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